An Amber November in Gokarna

Ask me about the best decision I’ve made in terms of travel in the last couple of months. You won’t be on the loose until you hear about my 5-day trip to Gokarna. A beautiful palm-lined small town wide open to the Arabian Sea. While largely attracting pilgrims, I set out to this piece of…

Among the Dutch- Holland

How would you like strolling in a town of neat streets dyed by hundreds of bright tulips along with some Dutch folks whisking hither and yon with their traditional clothes on? If you thirst for the delicacy of cultures, beliefs and customs of certain clans and identify yourself as a hopeless lover of flowers like…

Nandi Hills- Quite the crowd pleaser

Do you imagine walking along a scenic path that looks over a veil of clouds, mist and fog against a medley coloured sky at dawn? If yes, get ready to turn it into reality. If no, I bet your first real-life experience will make up for it.

Coorg- An effortless vacation

You know that one favourite place that’s not too far or too close you go to when you can’t afford to go anywhere else? Or when you need a break from everyday routine? That one place of bliss where there’s no pressure to plan your trip. Instead, you travel with the intention of relaxing and…

Sandy beaches, rocky coasts and good vibes- Malpe, Karnataka, IN

The white sand between your toes, the summoning rhythm of rousing waves and an uninterrupted view of the coastline. That is the scenery at the major fishing harbour in Karnataka, India. That is Malpe. So what is it that makes this natural port so good-natured?

A calling from Chicago

Base to freezing winds blasting off from Lake Michigan, Chicago’s unforgiving weather plans surprisingly outdid my views from my first visit to the city. So much so that I chose to spend New Years (2018) at this Windy City, with my brother. This, even after realizing that any chance of partying (due to age restrictions)…

All hands hoay! Let’s take a trip down the oldest city in the USA- St.Augustine

If the impression of “the oldest and the longest continually inhabited European settlement” in the United States doesn’t grab your attention to the city of St. Augustine, I know what more will. This family-friendly city has much to offer with its lightheartedness. More small reasons will pile up on your not-so-average-locations to visit in Florida. Here…

Mural art in Miami

Miami’s Wynwood Avenue believed to be rampant with unemployment, riots and drug trafficking in the late 1970s has now been an inviting open-air galleria. Spray painted by graffiti artists brought together from all around the globe, Miami streets boast off with their spirited and intellectually appealing artwork, as it ranks high among the most Instagrammable…

Shark-free Shark Valley! What’s that about?

Stretching over 100 miles across Lake Okeechobee and the Gulf of Mexico, Everglades National Park is home to sawgrass marshes, coastal mangroves and hundreds of animal species. A visit to these grasslands in Florida is one that cannot be refused.

Paddling away on Wekiva Waters in Florida

Stepping into the travel blogging world has been an unsteady ride for me. However, this time around, I mean to stay and do justice to my ever aching passion to travel as much as I can and share my stories with the world.