A Tuesday in Boston

Weeks before I landed in the city of Boston from Buffalo, most of the people who knew I’d be flying to this place, assured me that I would love it as it is divergent compared to the other posh cities of USA.

Uh… Well, I couldn’t disagree anymore. I have had mixed feelings about the city and here’s why.
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Family getaway to Dow Gardens (Michigan)


I woke up to one of the drowsiest Saturday mornings ever and suddenly realized that I should be leaving for one of the gardens in Michigan. The Dow Gardens. The sun shone bright and the day seemed to have a great beginning for everyone, but me. Acclimatized with the chill, brisk winters of the mid-west USA, it was suddenly a lot to take of the fatiguing rays of the sun.

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We all scream for ice cream!

There are things in this world that we simply cannot deny.  And one of those is Iceee-creeaaaamm! All one needs is a little love and ice-cream. Heedless of what season it is, we hold a soft spot for ice creams all the time.

That’s Superman right there on top of Bear claw.

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The promising land of Himachal Pradesh

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Imagine unfurling your eyes to the rich foliage of Deodar trees roaring down to a beautifully hushing lake, while your ears are tenanted by the tender tweeting of the birds secured on the trees. You spring up from your bed with a genial foretaste of events just like the imperceptible sunrise, only to feel the crisp autumn breath of the wind kiss you passionately. It might sound like it is too good to be true but you’ll know that there is nothing too good to be true, if you rucksack to this earth’s own town in the Kangra Valley of the Himachal Pradesh, India.

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First time in Chicago? Here’s what you need to know about the windy city.

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You might be a travel junkie who has visited many countries or just a tourist from parts of the world unknown. But if it’s your first time in Chicago, down below are some of the tips you want to keep in mind that will not only save you an ample amount of money but will promise to make the best of your days at the city of class.

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Day 2: Chicago at its finest

The men in the tux. The ladies in style. Nothing else could make it any more guile. I was muddled in my own thoughts as I went to the balcony to have one last look of one of the architecturally richest cities in the world.
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Day 1: Chicago- The city of museums, tall buildings and…taller buildings.


“…Tonight, so bright. And you know you’re never sure, but you’re sure you could be right…”, I mumbled as I was welcomed to this inspiring city by its well-known skylines and methodized jams.
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Religious insights in Mulbagal and Kurudumale

A weekend calls for a getaway and what better a getaway with your family that unfolds the car wheels to seamless roads leading towards religious enlightenment. To my family and I, Mulbagal and Kurudumale of the Kolar district in the state of Karnataka, IN, served purposefully in satiating our breakout last weekend.

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Romancing the birds

“It’s not only fine feathers that make fine birds”, said Aesop.


Closely packed in the Smokies, rests a lovely place. A place with birds. Birds so lovely. Lovely their ethos.
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