A Right Kind of Escapade to Coorg

Fancy green carpets and the beatitude of the wind swathing around you? Coorg (Kodagu) in Karnataka, IN, offers you the exact and a lot more.


The Raja’s Seat
The Raja’s Seat (or the King’s Seat) was believed to be a recreational spot for the kings and the queens where they witnessed the sunsets. With the seasoning blossoms adding to the scenery’s merit, the spot arrests your attention to the cliffs and valleys to the west. The mist locking the golden array of sunlight persists to be a splendor to track.



Dubare Elephant Camp
Apart from sighting the giants in a luscious deciduous forests on the banks of Kaveri, the local authorities here offer you a joy ride of still water rafting. This forest camp promises a cordial experience with its innate sense.


A noteworthy moment for my family and I at the Dubare Forest Camp was the crossing of Kaveri River by foot instead of taking a boat ride on our way back. To tread on stones while letting the narrow creeks tickle our feet is one of the pleasant experiences we indulged in on a flushed afternoon.

Tibetan Temple, Bylakuppe.
The meekly bolting Golden Temple of Bylakuppe accommodates the largest Tibetan settlement in India. The forty-feet tall gold Buddha at the helm, is bound to be a popular tourist destination. The paintings of deities and demons of the Tibetan Buddhist mythologies on the walls render to whetting interests of the onlookers. The gongs resonating in a placid rhythm from the Namdroling Monastery modestly allies with the chatters from the Tibetan market near the temple.




Bhagamandala Temple and Talakavery
Alongside the gifted decor, Kodagu satiates the religious craving of the travelers. Talakaveri, plugged amidst hilly tops, is considered as the source of River Kaveri. And Bhagamandala, apart from its temple, is known for honey marketing center as well.



A softhearted island off the state highway is rooted with thick bamboo groves, sandalwood and teak trees which can be accessed by strolling across a hanging bridge. With tree houses modelling high in the skies and boating facilities for joyous ride, Nisargadhama sets as a favorable picnic spot.





Religious insights in Mulbagal and Kurudumale

A weekend calls for a getaway and what better a getaway with your family that unfolds the car wheels to seamless roads leading towards religious enlightenment. To my family and I, Mulbagal and Kurudumale of the Kolar district in the state of Karnataka, IN, served purposefully in satiating our breakout last weekend.

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Romancing the birds

“It’s not only fine feathers that make fine birds”, said Aesop.


Closely packed in the Smokies, rests a lovely place. A place with birds. Birds so lovely. Lovely their ethos.
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Why Smokies and ‘adven(a)ture’ sail together? Here’s why.

Ever woken up to the charming sounds of a whopping river, cascading a few feet down away from the glass doors of your cottage, which is remarkably closer to the fireplace? And even before you know it, you can feel your deep-seated gut jolting you to caper out there and go fishing or simply embrace the purity of the air encompassing you. If your answer is ‘No’, you need to pack your bags and speed away to The Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.  If you say ‘Yes’, you need to head there anyway.

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24 hours in Gatlinburg, TN- Concise City Tour Guide

For those of you who cannot link your memory to Gatlinburg, it is an artistic (both fabricated and naturally built) city in the state of Tennessee. Gatlinburg swallows a broad bite of The Great Smoky Mountains, by virtue of which it is known. As one of the most commercialized cities in and around, it fails not to attract tourists like a flower attracting bees, in this Great Smokies National Park.

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Among the Dutch- Holland

How would you like jaunting in a town of neat streets dyed by hundreds of bright tulips diluting your pupils with its allure, along with some Dutch folks whisking hither and yon with their traditional costumes on? If you thirst for the delicacy of cultures, beliefs and customs of certain clans and identify yourself as a hopeless lover of flowers like a poet from the 50s, Holland, during the Tulip Festival, is your terminus. Oh mind you, it is the beautiful small town, Holland of Michigan I’ll be talking of and not the one in Netherlands!


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The buzz of a neighbor- Ann Arbor



“Welcome to Detroit Metropolitan Airport, Detroit. The local time is 3:30 PM. The temperature is 23 degrees”. I was a maiden to the land that the plane I was on swooped me to. Needless to say, I was glad  that the lack of buoyancy during the flight  all the way from India  was compensated by my promising foretaste of events for the summer . Two nights had dawned on me, befriending jetlag, before I could zip up and manoeuvre around the neighbouring cities.

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