Mural art in Miami

Miami’s Wynwood Avenue believed to be rampant with unemployment, riots and drug trafficking in the late 1970s has now been an inviting open-air galleria. Spray painted by graffiti artists brought together from all around the globe, Miami streets boast off with their spirited and intellectually appealing artwork, as it ranks high among the most Instagrammable cities in the world.

Apart from embracing celebrities, sassy cars and perky white sand beaches, Miami pats itself on the back with its much-appreciated street art at Wynwood. It’s not just the walls that are showered with vibrant colours leaving an everlasting impression. The sidewalks are dotted with scaled-down artwork, some sneering at mutant Presidents while others glorifying Banksy.


If you intend to step away from busy beaches and troubling traffic in Miami, Wynwood is the place for you, especially for an admirer of art, as me. It is undoubtedly a creative community showcasing some of the best mural art collection. And if you’re sharp-eyed, you might just catch a glimpse of spray painters retouching magic on those walls.

While wandering the temple of art, it’s hard to miss out on Wynwood’s prided share of cafes and breweries. One of my favourites, the Panther Coffeehouse, is a go-to cafe if you prefer to relax and enjoy your one..or two cups of Cortado coffee as you skim through information sheets about your java, its growers and its making from plant to cup. As a cherry on top, the coffeehouse is paw-friendly.

A hint of history:

The muralists of Wynwood have constantly been changing over the years, gaining fame while at it. As fresh batches of artists visit Wynwood for the added boost, novel artworks turn up at every corner. And, prevailing artworks are updated frequently.

Have you been to Miami? If you have visited Wynwood, which artwork do you like the best?



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  1. Amy Aed says:

    I adore all of these works! Especially the “stop making stupid people famous” bit – somehow it made me think about the “cash me ousside” girl lmao.

    Have a great week!
    Amy; Wandering Everywhere

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree. The artwork is inspiring. To me, it was more about the Kardashians. Well, its about time!

      Good day! 🙂


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