A calling from Chicago

Base to freezing winds blasting off from Lake Michigan, Chicago’s unforgiving weather plans surprisingly outdid my views from my first visit to the city. So much so that I chose to spend New Years (2018) at this Windy City, with my brother. This, even after realizing that any chance of partying (due to age restrictions) on New Year’s Eve was off the table. Now, why would I volunteer to drive 10 hours up and down to endure the city’s cutting cold and brutal winds?

My first visit to Chicago in 2015 was glorified with my encounter with the divine deep dish pizza. I know what you’re thinking. “Did she really trade spending a cosy night at home on New Years’ just to devour deep dish pizza in Chicago?”

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Well, partly.

Here’s the deal, I come from a southern tropical part of India. I wasn’t aware of the city’s signature dish until before I Googled “Best places to eat in Chicago” before catching the plane to the States. It was an exalting experience the first time I tried it.
Plus, like I said, I come from a tropical country where chilling weather like Chicago’s is not common at all. When these two were brought together, it somehow made for an uneventful, at the same time an involving New Years.


However, it didn’t end there. We gave the annual Navy Pier Winter Wonderfest a shot. Frankly, I wouldn’t suggest spending the day there unless you’re travelling with kids who enjoy minor thrills indoors.


Alternatively, if your blood boils with hints of history, Chicago is highly recommendable for its museums of art and history. But if you are craving panoramic views of this tall city, popular spots such as Willis Tower and 360 Chicago at John Hancock Building is a must. Both in the morning light and at night, if you ask me.


In addition, boat tours for rich shoreline architectural sightseeing are greatly favourable, as well.


If it’s the peak of winter and you don’t mind being numb with the cold, strolling around the Millennium Park which flaunts the big bean, AKA, the Cloud Gate, might seem like a good idea.

The ideal time to visit Chicago is from April through May and between September and October. If you are travelling during some other time, chances are your photos will look like this.


Nevertheless, if you find yourself in Chicago during New Year’s, consider watching the magnificent fireworks lighting up the sky from Navy Pier. It is a popularly sought after event for people who don’t mind the cold gusts.

As much as I called out on Chicago’s weather, as you see, it was one of the reasons I absolutely love spending time in the city. There are some fun times when you are walking (more like bolting) the streets of Chicago where you find merriment in getting into stores to warm yourself up every 10 minutes. And there’s nothing like it.

A hint of history
While it is easily assumed that Chicago gets its nickname- The Windy City, because of how windy it literally is for most of the year, it actually was popularised by the New York Sun newspaper editor Charles Dana, in 1890. He referred to Chicago’s bloviating residents and politicians, who were seen to be “full of hot air.”

Which place in the world invites you in a similar fashion? Tell me what about that place makes you want to pack your bags and go there. 😀



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