Why Smokies and ‘adven(a)ture’ sail together? Here’s why.

Ever woken up to the charming sounds of a whopping river, cascading a few feet down away from the glass doors of your cottage, which is remarkably closer to the fireplace? And even before you know it, you can feel your deep-seated gut jolting you to caper out there and go fishing or simply embrace the purity of the air encompassing you. If your answer is ‘No’, you need to pack your bags and speed away to The Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.  If you say ‘Yes’, you need to head there anyway.

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24 hours in Gatlinburg, TN- Concise City Tour Guide

For those of you who cannot link your memory to Gatlinburg, it is an artistic (both fabricated and naturally built) city in the state of Tennessee. Gatlinburg swallows a broad bite of The Great Smoky Mountains, by virtue of which it is known. As one of the most commercialized cities in and around, it fails not to attract tourists like a flower attracting bees, in this Great Smokies National Park.

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