Among the Dutch- Holland

How would you like jaunting in a town of neat streets dyed by hundreds of bright tulips diluting your pupils with its allure, along with some Dutch folks whisking hither and yon with their traditional costumes on? If you thirst for the delicacy of cultures, beliefs and customs of certain clans and identify yourself as a hopeless lover of flowers like a poet from the 50s, Holland, during the Tulip Festival, is your terminus. Oh mind you, it is the beautiful small town, Holland of Michigan I’ll be talking of and not the one in Netherlands!


Just as the sun guides happiness to the humans on earth during spring, so do the appealing blossoms of rich tulips add up to this beautiful world. Every year in May, the Tulip Festival in Holland helps balm your eyes with postcard-perfect views of the blossoms and beaches which explain why I headed there looking for a great weekend.




Arriving in the evening, I set up a tent to camp for the night at the Holland State Park. This park is a low-key and a pet-friendly campground with satisfying amenities. Booking and reserving a campsite in highly recommended.
Click here to make a reservation



You will not reach the crest of the trip to Holland without the calling of the beaches/lakes in Holland. You will witness the sun shining bright with the waters at the horizon sighing out for dusk while your toes get swallowed in the sand. You might have witnessed innumerable sunsets and sunrises under different skies and I can assure you that you will not feel any less spirited about the ones here. Eminently, I did not this time as I glared at the admirable sunset on one side and gazed at the soul-easing full-moon rise on the other.

Ottawa Lake Beach




Holland is one such town that will want you to sling your car keys away and grab a bike or just care-freely take a walk under the moonlight. It looked to me like a countryside area with a treat of commercialization (simply like a fantasy homeland). I flattened as one of its victims and spent a while trolling around the town debating how moronic I would seem if this place wouldn’t top the places I would want to live in.



The Tulip Time Festival is an annually held event that is celebrated in many places around the globe ( Kashmir, Netherlands, Amsterdam ), Holland, MI, including. The festival usually extends during the first or the second week of May contingent on the blossoming of the tulip flowers.


The festival houses carnivals and parades that march around the corners of the streets buzzing with tourists at each footstep.


Tuning into the tweets of birds on the tree branches with sunlight on my face, I woke up to the genial wishes of my fellow campers to a fine cloudless day ahead of me. It was the second day since the Tulip Time Festival had begun and the cheers navigated me to the Centennial Park which was the hub of the event. Stalls were put up persuading visitors to buy some souvenirs, arts, and crafts.



One of the main streets was crammed with tourists at one period. The sounds of women in knocking wooden shoes and traditional Dutch costumes reached me and I was positive that it was for the awaited Mother-Daughter Dutch dance that takes place during every Tulip Festival.



The Windmill Island is a must visit the spot to get a view of the windmill that was reassembled in Holland(MI) brought from Holland(Europe). You are sure to get concealed by the vast expanse of rich and vibrant tulips that will take your breath away.



Petite shops are usually brought up around the tulip fields that offer you some of the antiques from the Dutch culture for a reasonable price. Men, women and children suit themselves with the traditional Dutch wears and exhibit the life of the commoners during the war times back in the day.



Places like Holland need no explanation, I believe, as it stands out singly with its homey magnetism.It is latched on with postcard perfect views and amicable citizens  who leave an impression in your mind making it an impactful place.


Pointer: The Dutch dancers wear 5-10 pairs of socks with their heavy wooden shoes during their performances.



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