The buzz of a neighbor- Ann Arbor



“Welcome to Detroit Metropolitan Airport, Detroit. The local time is 3:30 PM. The temperature is 23 degrees”. I was a maiden to the land that the plane I was on swooped me to. Needless to say, I was glad  that the lack of buoyancy during the flight  all the way from India  was compensated by my promising foretaste of events for the summer . Two nights had dawned on me, befriending jetlag, before I could zip up and manoeuvre around the neighbouring cities.


Thanks to my brother, a resident of Michigan state,who had the day planned out in a winsome city if I might say, about 60 sixty minutes from Detroit.

Ann Arbor, it is called. Incepting from the main street walls smeared by tantalizing graffiti art to the earthy Indian dabhas around the corner that will beg you for more, the city accomplishes in its own way of revelation. The walls of Ann Arbor also will anchor your sight to its resilient wall pressed flowers.


Wall pressed flowers



One of the best attractions of the city included The Michigan Theatre, which was prosperously celebrating its 53rd Ann Arbor Film Festival during the week. As my family and I were very curious to be a part of this unexplored gala, we decided to watch a show of approximately an hour. It was named Greetings to the Ancestors which included the two parts, Deposition and Occidente. Honestly speaking, I couldn’t perceive what was happening during the documentary for I was merely a callow watcher. For all I can say, I had noticed the liveliness in the theatre during the documentary and also outside the theatre which gathered a huge crowd that was satisfactory to convince me that the people of Ann Arbor, as welcoming they seemed, are unfathomably into film-making. Even after I had scampered my way out of the theatre, I had not regretted not missing out on the show. After all, it is about the acquaintance that strolls beside travelling.

I still consider myself pretty down on luck as I didn’t have the excuse to visit the Michigan Stadium. If you cannot recall the place, the match that took place on this field between Real Madrid and Man-U somewhere in August, 2014 might  trigger your memory.


The Delhi Metropark is another place fencing the city that we headed to after marking footprints in the downtown. If you want to take off a while from work and spend some quality time with your family, this could be the place where you’d want to be. 53 acres of oaks reverberating across the open green lawns, right by the pleasantly flowing Huron River, is undoubtedly eyesome. Picnic spots, swings, slides, canoeing and white-tailed deer roaming the grounds are what you should be looking forward to.


Despite portraying itself as a miniature city in the States, Ann Arbor is freshly animated and chirpy as ever, making sure it promises a notable visit to the fellow travellers who crave to find sangfroid away from the metropolitan dwellings.

Pointer: A favourite food spot I’d recommend would be – Earthen Jar. A kosher restaurant in Ann Arbor with exquisite quick and delicious vegan Indian food.
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